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/How We Work

We /ASK a lot of questions

/ASK can quickly evaluate our client’s digital business and infrastructure, and identify hurdles and opportunities to achieving their goals. We look at our customer’s business holistically, see what’s needed and anticipate what’s coming.

We are pragmatic

/ASK can discern between the must haves and the nice to haves.  We prefer to save our clients from buying a “Ferrari” when they really just need, a well-engineered vehicle that’s easy to operate and can scale for growth.

We are creative problem-solvers

/ASK helps our customers scale-up, transform and grow their business leveraging data, industry trends, and 20+ years of hands-on digital experience.

Our Track Record

/ASK Digital understands consumers, the role digital plays in their lives, how they learn about brands, shop for products, and what creates loyalty. 

Grounded in this customer-centric approach to digital transformation, we have successfully:

Led ecommerce start-ups for 25+ online shops. 

Redesigned and re-platformed 200+ sites.

Led P&Ls of 50M€+ and annual operating budgets of 15M€.

Managed ecommerce operations for 40+ global sites.

Supported online businesses of $1B  in annual sales with annual investment budgets of over $29M. 

Spent thousands of hours /ASKing consumers  questions about buying behaviours, and online experiences — translating insights to strategic recommendations.

Developed aspirational customer profiles and brought these to life in tactical,
3-dimensional experiences.

Introduced groundbreaking digital marketing campaigns including a streaming fashion show (1999) and webcast shopping (2000).

Pioneered online customer panels in 2001 to inform product development and brand elasticity.

Directed account relationships of $5M annually.

Cultivated long-term professional collaborations of 20+ years. 

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